Box pleat skirt

02 Oct

A simple afternoon sew – high waist skirt shaped with box pleats.

I had 2m of brown shweshwe that was originally going to be used for a light jacket but changed my mind.


First I put in zip at the back.


I divided the skirt into eight points – back (zip) and front centre, sides and back and front sides.

I took the total measurement of the material and subtracted my waist measurement. I then divided it by six to get the total box pleat measurement. The back and front centre didn’t get pleats. The box pleat measurement was divided by two so I could measure from the pinned centre point of the box pleat: 198 – 84 = 114 /6 = 19 / 2 = 9.5


Box pleat centre point to box pleat edge at 9.5cm.

Centre point and edge pinned and ready.


It was completely unplanned as I was experimenting with the box pleat idea, but the pleats ended up fitting into each other. It was at this point that I figured some adjustment might need to be made if using a different length of material.


Bring the centre point of the box pleat to the edge of the box pleat and pin in place. For ease of pinning, I did the centre pleat first the the side pleats.


The pleats really slotted in with no room to spare.


One side pinned and done.


Repeat on the other side. Above you can see how the front has no pleats. I tried it on at this point just to check all was good and fitting.



I used the selvedge as the waistband and hem. I stitched along the edge of the selvedge to secure the box pleats.


I stitched a second line across the top to flatten and further secure the box pleats. I ended up adding a third middle stitch to secure the selvedge from stretching more than anything else.

The finished box pleat skirt.

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